Doggy Weekend

My family went camping this weekend, and I am dog sitting. All of the walking is good for me, but I wish I could bring her to my apartment instead of my sleeping at their house. I wanted to have dinner here so I brought her here yesterday afternoon. She is aware there is another dog in the building, although she has never seen it. Each time she goes out the door she catapults out, barking unremittingly. She also barks at every passing dog, whether she can see them or not. This is a very quiet street; comfortable for dog walking, so lots of barking. One more night and I’ll be finished.

1 thought on “Doggy Weekend

  1. Oh, I am a big glass fan as well. Everytime I visit Seattle I have to check out the new artists. Happy Belated Birthday…sorry I missed it while traveling. I agree with your assessment of our god awful congress. They are working for the betterment of the special interests…time to throw them out and start all over again. Have a great day, dear Ruthe!

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