After a lovely walk in Frick Park, yesterday, my house guests left and I went to Tai Chi and back to my usual routine. The house seemed very empty when I returned home. I am sure I prefer living alone, but they were great fun and I had a wonderful time. The weather improved on Friday and remained pleasant all weekend. We went to Mt. Washington and the Allegheny County Courthouse on Friday. Friday evening, was baseball time for Karen and Kathryn; I went to Robin and Steve for my usual Shabat dinner. On Saturday, K & K went to Fallingwater. I went to exercise, then to a demonstration of Chinese musical instruments. We met up again for dinner.

Sunday, we walked in Chatham (now University), then the Strip and on to the Northside. We stopped briefly at the Mattress Factory, then on to the Warhol. I had a ticket for a new opera, called RedDust. K & K looked at the museum exhibits. Katkar2

For more detail and photos read Kathryn’s blog.

The tulip tree began to bloom last weekend. I was thrilled to see the first blossom. Some of last year’s flowers still on the tree are disappearing rapidly.

The first blossom


White flower from last year with new bud

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