Traveling again

On Friday, Renee came to Pittsburgh; Sunday morning we drove across Ohio and Indiana and got to Chicago about 5 pm. Our first stop was at the University to see our grandson, Eli. We walked around the campus, went to a nearby Thai restaurant for dinner, then came back to Ida Noyes Hall and sat and visited. When I was at the University Ida Noyes was the women’s phys ed building. There was a bowling alley and a swimming pool in the basement. Did you get that "women’s" thing? We were a race apart, a subspecies. One of the first events I remember was a women’s tea with Dean McCarn. I think she was Dean of Women. We all wore white gloves, which were the bane of my existence. I thought every woman, except me, managed to keep them clean through an entire day. I was enormously relieved when I found out the Queen of England had a woman in attendance who carried multiple pairs of white gloves so the Queen could change them whenever necessary. All of that is gone; it’s now a student activities building, and I haven’t worn a white glove in at least 40 years.

After we left Eli I drove down Lake Shore Drive through downtown so Renee could see the skyline. Chicago has always had a wonderful skyline, but last night it was amazing. All of the buildings were lit up and many had lights on in offices spelling out CPD 13088. We didn’t know what it was all about, but it was breathtaking. I’m only sorry I was too tired to stop and take pictures. When we got to Carol’s we looked it up on the Internet. I don’t know how I ever got along without the Internet.

1 thought on “Traveling again

  1. I lived in Chicago for a year. There is nothing like the skyline at night. Have a great trip and enjoy your time with Eli.

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