Walking around the Tulip Tree

I don’t have any classes for the next few weeks so I’m taking the advice someone gave me (Eli, maybe) to get more exercise. Sunday was a beautiful day. As I started walking Robin called me and said she was walking Darcy. We met at Frick Park and walked down the Tranquil Trail, not so tranquil with Darcy who hates other dogs. But we had a lovely walk without too many noisy encounters. This is Robin and Darcy waiting off the trail as a parade of dogs passed by.Robindarcy

Yesterday I went to Tai Chi #2, the last class for this semester. I started the day, today, with a walk through Homewood Cemetery with my neighbor, Mary, and her friend, Phyllis. It’s a lovely way to get exercise, and they kept me moving at a faster pace than I would normally go, and that’s good. I got back home, drank a lot of water and rested for 15 minutes, then went to Tai Chi #1. Needless to say, I’m bushed and still recovering.

I’ve been trying to photograph the Tulip Tree each day, watching what happens to those strange flowers from last fall and waiting for the new tulips. This photo is from Saturday, a beautiful day.Tuliptree1

You can see the leaves beginning to grow around the old blossoms. I took the next photo yesterday and the following two, today. The older blossoms seem to be going with only some white pointed things (seeds?) remaining.Tuliptree2



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