Back to class, briefly

After all of the events of the weekend and the constant company of my house guest it seemed very strange, yesterday morning, to go back to class. Hard to get into school mode. And I kept thinking about the killings at Virginia Tech and about Eli, away at school. Funny, I didn’t think about myself, also at school. Tomorrow will be my last classes for this semester. Then we have a break until the beginning of May. The summer term runs through the first week in August and I’ve signed up for classes four days a week. Unfortunately no more Japanese art classes for a while. The more I learn about Japanese art and culture the more I realize there is to learn. There seems to be no end to it. I’ll be taking classes about Chinese history, Asian art, Pittsburgh history and continuing with Tai Chi. Keeping busy keeps me out of the kitchen; better for my health.

2 thoughts on “Back to class, briefly

  1. wow, that post takes me back. i remember those summer classes and having a girlfriend studying japanese poetry in pittsburgh. really enjoyed the photos.

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