A few last thoughts

I’m back home and just looked at my photos. This is the East River early in the morning taken from one of Renee’s windows. Newyorkdawn
If you look carefully you can see the Triborough Bridge in the background. I am very pleased with this photo. It’s one of the few I’ve taken that seems to capture a good range of light and shadow. Usually light doesn’t come out as I would like.

Pictures from our family seder are posted in a new photo album on the side. Take a look. Unfortunately I never got a picture of Rosemary, who is beautiful. I don’t know how I missed her.

Ronni Bennett at Time Goes By has her Crabby Old Lady. I said previously that I’m becoming a Crotchety Old Lady. I think I am crotchetier in New York than in Pittsburgh but maybe I’ll start my own rant and rave category. Not only did I bitch about the crowds at the Met, I went on to complain about something at the play. The finale was the driver who took us to the airport. He complained to me that he was waiting 20 minutes at the wrong address, like I told him to go to there. Then he did not help me put my bag in the car. I charged the fare and wrote on the ticket, "lousy service, stupid driver" and gave only a small tip. Renee said I shouldn’t have given him anything.

My bitching gets louder and more detailed as I get older, but at the airport I recollected an incident when I should have yelled loud and long, but as a 15-year old I didn’t know I could do that. We got to the airport in plenty of time so I walked around looking at the shops. Amazingly, there was a Brooks Bros shop, and I thought about my only encounter with Brooks Bros. They came to Chicago when I was 15. I decided I wanted a "made-to-measure" shirt that would be long enough so that the tails wouldn’t work their way out from under my skirt. I’m long-waisted and I always had trouble keeping tucked in. I thought I had finally solved the problem of looking neat.

I don’t remember what I paid; I’m sure it was expensive. The shirt was nice, but it was not made to my measurements and it didn’t stay tucked in. I never did anything about it. I never went back to Brooks Bros. I’m sure they thought it wasn’t important to please a young girl. It would be a different story today.

1 thought on “A few last thoughts

  1. I’ve noticed the older I get, the more inclined I am to voice my opinion…and I don’t tip at all for rotten service. Overall, though, sounds like you had a good trip, and the pics of the Seder were great. It is nice to put a face to the names…that Hannah is a cutie…your family and friends seem lovely. And I agree about your picture…it turned out great and the perspective and light and shadows are nicely balanced.

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