We got through the two seders. Monday night we were in Teaneck at the rabbi’s home. It was a very interesting seder, filled with deep questions about the meaning of Passover, and with lots of singing. The rabbi and his three sons are fine musicians. There was also an interesting woman from Jerusalem. It’s funny how, sometimes you can instantly find common ground with new acquaintances. I’ll probably never see her again and I’m sorry about that.

Last night was family night in New York. Renee did a great job with the food; she buys in all the best places. Steve ran the seder. He gets better at it every year. It was a lovely, warm evening.

Today, I’m back to my usual New York pastime: the Metropolitan Museum. As much time as I spend there, I’ve never been able to see the entire place. And they keep changing things. It’s a good day to be in the museum, gray, rainy and cold again.

1 thought on “Pesach

  1. How wonderful! Sounds like you are having a great time in New York. I wish I was there…I am ready to move away from New Orleans now! It is getting hot and muggy already. Have fun today…thinking about you!

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