Another Busy Week

I am overwhelmed with reading for my Japanese Art History classes. It’s a good thing I don’t have to work for a grade in these classes. Besides the assigned reading I’ve been reading some papers for a couple of my  classmates and Eli sent the novel he’s been writing. Of course, that took first place. While he was here over the holidays we spent some time discussing his plot and characters, so I was very pleased to finally get to read it. I’m very impressed; he did a great job.

My software arrived on Wednesday so I’ve also been working on my grandma book. I’m actually not finished with the text, but I felt like I had to see it laid out before I could go further. That’s been very satisfying. I decided to have an 11 x 8.5 inch page, landscape. The text of Grandma’s autobiography is 5" on the inside of each page. Notes, photos and additional material cover 3.5" on the outside of each page, with wide margins all around. All of the text is entered. Now I’m working on the pictures and other material.Screen_grab1

1 thought on “Another Busy Week

  1. This book sounds so interesting…I think I will have to investigate doing the same type of thing with my grandmother’s story…I wrote an oral history for her years ago, but combining that with old pics in a book might be an amazing gift to give to my mother…thanks!

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