My parents lived very long lives, my mother to 88 and my father to 94. Morriebessierieger
Watching them age I learned all of the things I don’t want to do, or be. My parents were both the youngest in their families and outlived all of their siblings by many years. As is often the case their friends seemed to disappear and they made no efforts to make new friends or even acquaintances. At the end, they were terribly alone. My father managed to alienate his few concerned relatives with his increasing paranoia, and finally was left with just my brother, his soon to be wife, and me. I was always amazed he did not turn on me, since our relationship over the years could, at best, be called difficult. 

This is not how I want to age. Most of my life my parents showed me what not to do, and they continued into their old age. But there are always exceptions to these things, and I have a funny one. My parents always bathed; they never showered, probably because the shower curtains were never adequate to keep the water inside the tub. After my mother died we finally moved my father into an assisted living facility. The thing he liked best about the facility was the shower; he often commented on it. Each morning, as I shower, I think of him. As the water hits my body all of my aches disappear, and I contemplate remaining there all day or until the hot water runs out. He probably felt the same.

3 thoughts on “Aging

  1. Hi Steve,
    I’m glad to see we’re still communicating, even in this third-hand fashion. I missed you when I was last in Chicago. I’ll be back some time this spring. Hope we can get together then.

  2. Actually he wasn’t quite alone. When he moved to buffalo grove, he was visited regularly by his grandchildren and great grandchildren.
    It was really amazing to watch him tell his great grandchildren wonderful stories and sing them songs like dunderbeck.
    I don’t know who enjoyed their time together more. Everyone would be smiling and laughing.
    He was an incredible man. He has seen and done so many things. His stories were always great to hear over and over. He was always kind and smiling.
    To his progeny he was looked up to and admired and he is missed each and every day.

  3. What a lovely blog…I am going to have fun reading it! My husband and I are considering a move to Pittsburgh, but you are right about the city’s lack of concern about the transit system…that is a big negative for us as on our last visit there, parking was a pain! We are looking at the Squirrel Hill area as a place to settle down.

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