A Good Day

Years ago when I came to New York for a visit I did this frantic dance to try to see everything possible within my two or three day time span. Living right next to NYC for eight years I learned to take it easy. But now I feel like I’m back on the merry-go-round. Worse yet, I have to add all of my friends to the mix. Today I will meet friends for dinner, but I have the day free to see exhibits, and for a change, shop. I’m not a big shopper, but after a week of walking around I’m ready for a new pair of shoes. Most of my shoes come from visits to Chicago or New York.

Yesterday, I met a friend at the Asia Society where we saw an interesting exhibit about the Liao, a people who ruled in Mongolia and part of China during the tenth century. We went from there to the China Institute to see an exhibit of contemporary artist books and finished at the Grolier Club for a printmaking exhibit. I wanted to go on to the library for an exhibit of Japanese books, but I was exhausted and came back to the apartment instead.

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