Did my civic duty!

I went to vote for the first time in Pennsylvania. The polling place is an easy walk from my apartment. One of my neighbors was the first person to check me in, so everything went very smoothly. HOWEVER, I don’t think the Democrats are doing a very good job of getting out the vote in my area. I am a registered Democrat here. I used to think I was an independent, but since our current administration came to power I have become a committed Democrat. So, I have received lots of those canned phone messages, but no real human came to speak to me. I would have liked someone to come and tell me where to vote, although I did figure it out.

The other thing was the voting machines. For the most part it was straight forward and easy. Remember, I am a techie, or geek, depending on how polite you want to be. So I got to the very end of the process and there is this diamond shaped object at the top of the machine that says VOTE on it and is now flashing a red light. The touch screen says the red light will flash when the machine is ready for my vote. Nowhere does it say the flashing thing is a button, and up ’til now, everything was done on the touch screen. I finally got it, but it took a few minutes. I always wonder which bureaucrat thinks up these things.

1 thought on “Did my civic duty!

  1. Ah! you said the “b” word!
    I wonder too. Luckily I voted by absentee ballot, which means my vote wasn’t miscounted, hacked, or turned into a statistic which was then hacked – it was just lost in the mail.

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