Medical Mishigas

I got a bill from a medical management company for $1.79. Subsequently, I got a notice from Medicare and another notice from my medigap insurer that I would be billed $1.79. I don’t know what it cost to send out these notices. Some years ago I remember the figure was $2.32 for each letter. In any case, those three letters had to cost more than $1.79, but I sent off a check.

At the same time I received a threatening letter saying, in 8 pt. type that I put off reading until the last possible moment, if I did not pay a $70.44 bill within 10 days they would send the bill out for collection. I keep a spread sheet about what I owe and what I’ve already paid for medical care. It showed I had already paid the bill at the end of April using a credit card. So I called the medical office and said I would have to check my credit card statements. They assured me I had not paid the bill and offered me a 20% discount if I would pay it immediately. I did it, figuring I could always argue later.

So how is it that one office is willing to give me $14 off my bill while the other one insists, at great cost, on collecting $1.79?

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