More volunteer work

One of the artist’s groups here will be having a big show next year. I volunteered to help organize the entries, but wound up doing very little work. Most of it had been done before I got there–the only thing left was to look at the slides and make sure the were positioned correctly in the trays. This is an exercise every artist should take part in before they submit slides to be juried. Very few people appreciate the difficulties of judging artwork from slides. Each piece was supposed to be represented by one slide and one detail. Often the two slides were different colors, not because the pieces were different, the light used for the photos was different–flash, or florescent. Some of the pieces were positioned very badly. Often you could not tell the size of the object, if you could even tell what it was. When taking slides for artists used to be my profession I would try to convey the difficulty of judging from slides. I don’t think anyone believed me.

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