Dog Lovers

This is a Darcy weekend. Robin and Steve, temporarily childless with Eli in Chile and Charna in camp, went biking in the Laurel Highlands. I won Darcy and brought her here, thinking it was easier to move her than to move me. She’s been here before so the apartment wasn’t strange to her. But my new neighbors have a dog. Darcy hates dogs. We haven’t introduced them but each time I take Darcy out for a walk she charges out the door barking and ready to kill. She makes a lot of noise for such a pretty little dog. This morning I apologized to my neighbors for all of the noise. They assured me it was OK. Being dog lovers, they did not mind. They also assured me I was not a dog lover. That’s certainly true. The big lesson I learned from Darcy is that I don’t want a dog. I enjoy walking Darcy when there are no other dogs around. She’s a great explorer. Last night we found these amazing mushrooms.Mushrooms
They looked like plastic from a distance. It looks like something took a bite out of one of them.

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