A Feast of Images

Last night Charna and I went to see The Lion King. I wanted to take her for several years, but we could never plan enough ahead to get tickets. Now that we no longer live nearby I took advantage of the fact that we would be returning for one night together in the city. What an amazing spectacle that is. I’m sure I could watch it many times and never tire of just looking at the costumes. They are incredible. The whole thing is really over the top and I loved it.

After putting Charna on the train to Connecticut this afternoon, where she will spend the weekend with a friend, I went to the Brooklyn Museum to see the work of Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson. This is another visual feast. When I was here back in May I saw some of this show, but being too tired to really appreciate it, I resolved to return. Today was the day, and I’m very glad I did it. I get more pleasure through my eyes than any of my other senses. Each time I see a show like this in a museum, see beautiful landscapes, flowers or clouds I am grateful for this gift.

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