Regroup, again

It has been a very busy week. Renee came to visit on Friday. She was really coming for Eli’s graduation, but he didn’t march. We all went out to dinner on Saturday for our celebration.

Renee loves being a tourist and I am the tour guide. On Saturday we went to downtown Pittsburgh and looked at the old railroad station, which is gorgeous, the convention center Fountainatlawrenceconven
and art galleries in the

(Fountain at the David Lawrence Convention Center)

Penn-Liberty corridor. We had lunch at the Grand Concourse in Station Square, another gorgeous railroad terminal. It’s hard to understand how the railroads came to such grief when there were so many beautiful places associated with them. Tuesday I took Charna and Renee to Fallingwater. It’s worth seeing twice, or maybe three or four times.

Charna and Renee at Fallingwater

Now I have to clean up all the messes I left in the house, do lots of laundry and pay bills. I am about to travel again. Steve’s family is having a reunion on Saturday and Sunday at Gettysburg. Steve will be our tour guide; he’s been studying the battle. I will return to New York with Renee and remain for three days. I have to go back and get my contacts checked. Next Thursday I will fly to Chicago, meet Carol there and spend a week seeing friends, relatives and going to a wedding.

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