3 Rivers Art Festival

is an annual event, most notable for bringing rain with it each year. It’s held downtown, on and around Point Park, the place where Pittsburgh’s three rivers meet. I went down on Saturday afternoon, looked at some of the art, ate something decadent for dinner, then started walking out to the event stage. I was meeting the family for the Buckwheat Zydeco concert. On the way out I passed three booths set up by AARP and Vital Radiance. They were looking for "real people" over 50 to feature in the magazine and were offering a mini-makeover to prepare you to have your picture taken for the mag. I wasn’t much interested in the 15 minutes of fame, but the mini-makeover appealed to me. They put some blush on my cheeks and did a real number with three kinds of lip color. I don’t use much makeup, and I forgot to look at myself after they finished. They rushed me through because the rains came. Robin said I looked nice.

The rain stopped before the concert began, but then started up again. Everyone huddled under umbrellas, tarps and trees, and the musicians kept playing. It was a great concert.

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