A beautiful day in the city

I tend to forget there are trees in New York City, outside of Central Park. Trees
I walked from the Met back to Renee’s apartment, enjoying the blossoming trees, tulips blooming under the trees and an achingly beautiful blue sky. Tulips
Even though I am enjoying Pittsburgh, I really love New York, people walking around, traffic, barking dogs and all. I met Eli and Romina at the museum. We looked at some Asian art together, had lunch, then they went to look at paintings and I went back to the Japanese art. They had a lot of Hokusai prints, many I had never seen before. The screens I wanted to see were not on display. Many things are shown in poor light and I have trouble seeing them. I still have no contact lens for my left eye and sometimes that also presents problems. And there is that middle distance. I can see fairly well close up and sometimes fairly well at a distance, but the middle distance is a killer, and of course, low light is very frustrating.

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