Back to normal

Back to the doctor this morning. Everything is fine and I can continue all of my normal activities, including driving and visits to the fitness center. I wouldn’t have minded taking a week off from the health club.

Speaking of health, I was reading an article in the AARP Bulletin about state legislators wanting to force pharmaceutical companies to disclose spending on marketing to doctors. I would like to see them forced to disclose spending, or better to stop spending, on TV advertising. We become more and more of a drug culture as these ads proliferate. Because of my recent relocation I have had to find new doctors. They are universally astounded when I tell them I take no meds. I can’t believe I am so unusual. I won’t take any drugs unless I am certain they are necessary and the benefits will outweigh the side effects. I have had several doctors who tried to push drugs on me. As a result I have seen a number of doctors since I left Chicago eight years ago. None of these doctor visits   were for ailments; just trying to find someone in case of emergency.

1 thought on “Back to normal

  1. I agree with you about the pharmaceutical companies expenditures on drug advertising and doctors.
    A dear family friend lived to a few months short of 103 yrs, sharp and alert always.
    She was allergic to most medications, including antibiotics; took few if any over-the-counter drugs and virtually no other medications her entire life. I think her final few years she did develop high blood pressure, for which she did take a med. Don’t want to risk stroke with that.
    Her diet was always good. She mostly avoided eating out, as for so many years she was allergic to monsodium glut. in much restaurant food.
    She did walk every day, then the final years around the rectangular perimeter of her patio, having determined the distance she would be covering.
    Glad all is well with your vision. Good for you with your exercise. I need to get back to mine.
    Incidentally, you had an earlier post about a teahouse. I made a light-hearted comment about “Teahouse of the August Moon.” It was intended in light gest, and in no way meant to negate the serious nature of your post.
    I find conveying different degrees and levels of humor can be challenging with only the written word and smiley faces. 🙂

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