Two days in Edinburgh

and I haven’t entirely left politics behind but I have been able to give lots of thought to book ideas and what I might do at the workshop. Tuesday I wandered aimlessly in a sleep deprived daze finally getting into bed at 8 o’clock.  I slept  until 1am, had a wide awake chat with Robin, then fell asleep until 9am. Blissfully needed but unusual for me.

Feeling good this morning I walked out of my hotel in tourist land and headed for the Edinburgh castle only to find it at the magnetic center of all the tour busses and hordes of people. Down a side lane I hung out over coffee and maps figuring out how to get away from the horde.


The National Gallery of Art brought me to a world of calm and sanity and a large measure of joy beginning with Carravagio and ending with Constable.  Soup and bread and an interesting conversation with a woman from Wales who now lives in Malibu fortified me for more walking. The Princes Street garden was lovely but not the magical Japanese garden I hoped to find. Below is a wrapped church, another work of a la Christo.


More from my walk.


Dean Village brought me to Water of Leith Walkway and great pleasure.







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